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Welcome to Black River BBQ. My name is Mike and I’m a BBQ addict. If you’re like me, then you’re passionate about cooking meat outdoors. It’s a primal thing that we can’t ignore. My goal here is to help you make the best BBQ possible so you get more enjoyment from every bite.

Launched in 2017, Black River BBQ rubs are special for a few reasons. 1) They feature full-flavored, all-natural Southwestern spices with no MSG, no fillers or preservatives, and just the right amount of salt so you can pack-on as much flavor as you want. 2) Every small batch is 100% handcrafted by me, on demand, in Flagstaff, Arizona beside the tallest mountain in the state (nearly 13,000 feet high). 3) Finally, these rubs taste great on just about anything, so they’re easy to use for grilling or smoking, baking or frying, in your backyard, at the campsite, or your kitchen.

You'll notice that shipping costs are higher than you might expect. As a tiny, home-based business, I don't qualify for any shipping discounts. The price you see is what it costs me to send products from point A to point B. In the grand scheme of things, it really isn't much, so I appreciate you understanding.

Thanks for checking-out my goods. I guarantee that you, your family, and your friends will instantly fall in love with these exciting BBQ rubs. Stay tuned for my newest creation: Mike's Hot Rub!

Yours truly,​

Mike Boyd

Founder and Flavor Fiend

Black River BBQ, LLC

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