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Praise for Black River BBQ Rubs

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"This was my first brisket using your Bandelier Beef Rub. I brought it to a party of 30 people and everyone went crazy. You have gold, my friend. That blend is killer! Definitely my official rub for brisket and beef ribs." - Michael (chef / caterer)

“The best rub for chicken that I’ve ever had!” - Karson (backyard cook, wildland firefighter)

“If it tastes that good by itself, there’s no way it won’t make meat taste better.” - Stover (co-host, Best Barbecue Show podcast)

"SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! Absolutely love the steak we grilled with Back in Black Rub from Black River BBQ. Love the smoky flavor it adds to the steak. Gotta get some for yourself!" - Diana (co-owner, Koss Sauce)

"The Bandelier Beef Rub was awesome! We went hiking and on the way back picked up some steaks. The rub flavor was perfect, and even on the gas grill it imparted a lovely, smokey flavor. Looking forward to testing the other 3 flavors. Thanks!" - James

"The Bandelier Beef Rub is bold! Not for the faint-of-heart and does the job on point!" - JC (owner at J. Christopher Co.)

"That Hog Island Rib Rub is killer!" - Daryl (backyard cook)

If you want THE best brisket to come out of your smoker, no doubt you need to try the Bandelier for that perfect flavor and salty balance. You make some awesome rubs, brother!" - Michael (chef / caterer)

Bandelier is a great seasoning y'all, speaking from first hand experience as a paying customer!" - Jerome (backyard cook)

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